It’s September. Summer is coming to an end. Some of you are back in school. (Nicker and Danny would LOVE to hear about your school, teachers, what things you are learning … all of it.)

The Autumn Equinox comes on September 23rd. This when the tilt of the Earth makes the length of day and night the same – equal. Equi-nox.


In the northern hemisphere, things are finally cooling down. In the southern hemisphere, things are finally warming up. We’re also getting closer to some of the biggest holidays of the year. Next month brings events like Oktoberfest and Halloween. Then in November the United States celebrates Thanksgiving. December has Christmas and at the end December becomes January and we have New Year!

Whew, it’s all coming fast! Be sure to download this month’s calendar so you don’t lose track.





September is Classical Music Month

Most people enjoy music. It can make you happy, or it can make you sad. It can make you want to dance, or it can help you to fall asleep. September is classical music month. What is classical music? The usual thought is that classical music is old music. In a way that is true. To be “classical,” a lot of people have liked it for quite a while. However, “new classical” is being written even now. The term “classical” is more about the style than the age. Whatever you like in music, this is a good month to go farther. Learn about Mozart. Listen to Bach. Playing a guitar is more than slamming the strings with a pick. Discover Andre Segovia and Julian Bream.

September 3, Skyscraper Day

Way, WAY back people learned to make huts and other kinds of shelter. Those got to be bigger and bigger until they were so tall that they scraped the sky. Especially in a city where the amount of space is limited, it’s good to go UP! What is the tallest building where you live?

Here is a time lapse video of a skyscraper being built.

September 5, Cheese Pizza Day

How do you like your pizza? Some like it loaded with everything possible. Some like it with nothing at all. This day celebrates a pizza with just cheese on it. That still leaves you with many choices. What KIND of cheese? And how much cheese do you like on your pizza?

This video will be sure to teach you a few things while it makes you hungry.

September 6, Read a Book Day

Have you ever wanted to fly to the moon? Maybe you’d like to walk with dinosaurs, or have lunch with Abraham Lincoln, then go exploring with Daniel Boone. You can join a circus, sail the ocean, play tricks on Brer Fox. You can do all this and much more. Read a book!

September 9, Teddy Bear Day

In 1902 President Theodore Roosevelt was invited to go on a bear hunt. His team captured a bear, but Teddy refused to shoot it. It didn’t take long before stuffed toy bears were called Roosevelt Bears and then Teddy Bears.

September 12, Chocolate Milkshake Day

Ice cream is SO good. Mix in some milk and it becomes drinkable. Now add a flavor, like chocolate. You have Chocolate Milkshake Day! Maybe tomorrow Nicker will make a peanut milkshake!

September 13, Fortune Cookie Day, Peanut Day, Roald Dahl Day

This is a busy day. Imagine breaking into a sweet, crisp cookie and getting a piece of paper that says, “You may get a peanut from one of Willy Wonka’s trained squirrels.” Fortune cookies are thought to have started in Japan, but are most commonly seen in Chinese restaurants in America. About 3 billion are made every year. Nicker wanted to be sure that Peanut Day was mentioned. (You know how he loves peanuts. Nicker thinks that all fortune cookies should be fried in peanut oil.) Meanwhile, on this same day, there is Roald Dahl. He is most famous for “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” but he wrote so many other wonderful stories.

September 15, Make a Hat Day

September is Fall Hat Month. The whole month! On this day, you can make your own hat. It can be from cloth, paper, straw, whatever you want. Make a hat and put it on your head. For that matter, make a hat and put on your tortoise’s head.

September 16, Collect Rocks Day

You know what a rock is … or do you? There many different kinds of rock. Some are very hard, some are very soft. They come in all colors, all sizes, and can be found in all places – even in outer space. You can find rocks in your own yard. Then learn that each rock is more than just a rock. It might be granite, quartz, sandstone, agate, maybe even a diamond.

September 18, Cheeseburger Day

Are you hungry? A popular meal is the cheeseburger. Ground meat (sometimes substitute is used) is fried or grilled, put on bread (usually a bun) with cheese melted on it. It can be any kind of cheese. (I like Swiss cheese best, on an English muffin.) Then you can add whatever else you like – onion, lettuce, tomato, pickles, relish, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, some other sauce. Make it as a single pattie, or stack it in layers. A cheeseburger goes great with the chocolate milk shakes from September 12.

September 19, Talk Like a Pirate Day

Arrr, mahtie, et ben f’rever til land. THAR SHE BLOWS! Well, that last is a whaler, not necessarily a pirate, but it’s still “sea talk.” So, on this day, shiver the timbers and swab the deck and fly the Jolly Roger.

September 22, Elephant Appreciation Day

The elephant is the largest land mammal. (Well, there were dinosaurs, but we don’t have many of them walking around except in movies.) Can you draw an elephant? Then, send it to Nicker!

September 23, Autumn Equinox

Look back to the beginning and see the map. On this day summer becomes autumn. It’s called an equinox because the length of the day and the night is the same. They are equal. Equinox.

September 25, Family Day

What a great day to combine the other holidays! You can have cheeseburgers with milk shakes and fortune cookies for dessert while everyone talks like pirates while you hug your hound and teddy bear … and do all this as a family.

September 26, Johnny Appleseed Day

His real name was John Chapman. Yes, there WAS a Johnny Appleseed, and yes, he did work with apple trees. But, no, he didn’t walk along tossing out apple seeds. Instead, he planted and sold saplings. He was born just before the American Revolution. You can read all about it in this Nicker Stories story, An Apple a Day.

And you can watch a fun movie about him

September 29, Confucius Day

Confucius lived about 500 years before Jesus. He was a teacher, politician and philosopher. What he is most famous for is a great number of short “sayings” about life. One of these became what we now call the Golden Rule.

Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself.

You probably know the saying, but you probably didn’t know that it was Confucius who first said it. Here are a few more you can learn to celebrate Confucius Day.

Study the past if you would define the future.

Forget injuries, never forget kindnesses.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.

This month’s Story Hour

You know what time it is now, right? It’s Story Hour! This month, we get to revisit the story of Nathan and Stephen in Chapter 2 of A Revolutionary Boy. If you haven’t read the first chapter, be sure to read that first.


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