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Welcome you to a new feature on Nicker Stories. It will start, and stay, small. Only very special links will go here. If you think your group or organization belongs, let us know – and expect to be checked out. Hopefully this page will grow – but we’re going to be VERY picky.

I know of this group because it was founded by a (distant) relative, Sir William Purdie Treloar. He was Lord Mayor of London, and had already recognized the plight of children. In 1906, he began the “Cripples’ Fund.” With that and a lot of hard work, the Treloar Hospital and School was founded (1908) in Alton, Hampshire. The Treloar Trust Fund was set up and a hundred years later, the hospital and college are still going strong – still helping countless children.

Christopher Reeve was best known for his role as Superman. The title is appropriate because he truly was a super man. Among many other good works, he was a Patron of the Treloar Trust, helping crippled children. Today his legacy continues with the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. Just visiting their website is heart warming. These are GOOD people!

Wallace Watcher’s is a link that honors the Wallace and Ladmo Show, the longest running daily children’s program in history, but it was much more than that. The people on this program were dedicated to children and made such a big difference in the state of Arizona that there is a Wallace and Ladmo Day. For many years, they supported causes like the Phoenix Children’s Hospital and the Humane Society. Although the program went off the air in 1989, in some ways it still lives and benefits the community.

This link will take you to the United States Humane Society. Most communities also have local branches. Throughout the world there are groups and organizations dedicated to helping animals. Finding one that is just right for you is a good step.

The number of charities is countless. Some aren’t so great, and don’t benefit who they claim to be helping. To help avoid these, groups like Charity Watch and Charity Navigator keep an eye out and rate the charities. This is a good place to start. Please don’t forget that there are endless needs right in your own community.

Captain Kazoo is very special person. A very special friend. He must be. He is one of the few adults ever allowed to see sea dragons. (Try saying that ten times fast … see sea dragons, see sea dragons, see sea dragons. For that matter, try saying, Captain Kazoo, Captain Kazoo, Captain Kazoo ten times fast.) Click here and visit his wonderful website (say that ten times fast) and see just what he is up to. Is he a mad scientist today? What is his robot parrot RePeet doing?

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