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Gene, Dan and Marci work in a variety of ways, both as partners and individually. In this section are some Nicker things, of course, but there is much more. Yes, we ARE available to handle other projects. Take a look. Get to know us.

Yes, we ARE available to handle assignments and consignments. Imagine having an original work of art to hang in your home or office. (We’re not offering lithographs at this time, only original art.) Or you can ask me (Gene) what can be done with cameras and words. Take a look. And if you need a website done, talk to Dan.

Gene B. Williams

Gene Williams is a noted author, photographer and editor presently living in Arizona. He has published 54 books along with thousands of stories, articles, magazine columns, movie scripts and much more – all across a huge range, from children to high technical.

The photo is Gene and the real Edie, his mother, at a Nicker Show in Minnesota. Gene is wearing his Simon shirt. Edie is wearing the scarf she is also wearing in the story, “Lake Edie”.

The photo above is one of my favorites because it really shouldn’t have happened. I was nearly 300 feet away, using a very long telephoto lens and indoor lighting, and no tripod. What I missed, however, was him leaning over and kissing that bull on the nose.

Arizona is famous for mining, small and large. It’s also well known for it’s scenery.

This was a summer storm in Arizona. Believe it or not, that photo is not retouched in any way. See the bird up in the sky?



I accept writing assignments of all kinds. You can find some examples in “Nicker Story Hour,” but these are limited to writing for younger readers. If you need something different just let me know.

You can contact me at

You can also check me out on:

Marci Carrara

Marci Carrara is best known as a wildlife artist, although certainly is not limited to this. Her work has been shown on an international level, in many galleries. She prefers to think of herself as “just a grandma living in the woods of Michigan.”

Here is Marci getting a well-deserved hug after that same Nicker Show, both for her part in that, and for the hand-painted Nicker shirt Gene is wearing.

“The Two-gallon Cowpoke” is something everyone just has to love.

This is “Sassy”, a possible beginning to a book we plan to do about those silly squirrels.

Marci is doing a series of dog drawings to represent the various species.

Lazarus came to “Out of Africa” as a kitten and grew to a very large proud male. Marci did this portrait for raised Lazarus, almost as a pet

Then is a plaque she made for me with a loon painted on oak. (I have a thing about loons.)

“Miss Muffin” caught my eye even more. Look at that paw! (Yes, we’re also talking about doing a book with cat stories.)

“Grandpa’s Girls” combines Marci’s love of animals with her love of the rustic lifestyle

We call this “Living Memories.” Josie is gone, yet she lives forever in the portrait Marci made.

Marci is available for commissions both personal and professional. Perhaps you are a publisher in need of someone to illustrate. You might be an individual who wants original art for decoration. Many of us have beloved pets. Like the painting above of my dear Josie, Marci can capture your pet in a way you will treasure for many years. We call this “Living Memories”. Josie is gone, yet she “lives forever” in the portrait Marci made. You can have this for yourself.

Contact Marci at

Dan Williams

Dan Williams is the real Danny from the stories, and is Gene’s son. Of course, he is no longer that little boy, but he remembers those days with great fondness. He has been a direct part of the project both in adding his comments and in remembering things that Gene forgot.

Dan is now a Web Designer & Developer and creator this web site as well as running his own company Average Bear Design. Feel free to check out and contact him if you need your own website.

Contact Dan at

This is the Danny of today, getting goofy with Dad while making a 12-course meal for Mom on Mother’s Day.

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