Nicker’s Christmas


MERRY CHRISTMAS! The December issue of Nicker Stories ( is up. It has the December calendar of odd holidays and celebrations, same as usual, plus all the other usual things. In Story Hour is a special treat.  A lot of people don’t really believe in sea dragons because no one has ever actually seen one. But the reason is that adult humans aren’t ALLOWED to see a sea dragons. Kids are allowed, just not adults. There are two exceptions. One is Santa. He has known the sea dragon family for … no one knows how long. The other exception is Captain Kazoo. Well, BOTH of them will be joining the sea dragons for a Christmas party. Captain Kazoo will be bringing kazoos for everyone – even one for Gordie who has no lips so Danny kinda glues the kazoo in place with grape jelly. (Even with that, he has some trouble, as you’ll read in the story, and can see that he he even got the kazoo crooked.) Santa brings a special guest, who also has a kazoo. Then they all do Kris Kringle Kristmas Karols. Stop by Nicker Stories and have some fun!

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