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Okay, you don’t have the book yet. That will come. And in time this section will give you excerpts of the stories, some older, some never seen before. (Be sure to visit Nicker’s Story Hour, too.) For now, I’ll tell you about the first eleven stories – a little peek into what it’s like to live around a family of sea dragons.

Danny Meets Nicker:

A young boy is trying to go to sleep when he hears a noise. Then he begins to feel something moving around under the blankets. A very large head peeks out and says shyly, “Hi, my name is Nicker.” The creature looks a little like a snake, a little like a dinosaur, but Danny is no fool. Snakes hiss, and dinosaurs rarely have much to say. “You’re a SEA DRAGON!”


Where there is a child, there has to be a mother. Nicker’s mother is Emily. She was the biggest thing Danny had ever seen in his life, but Danny wasn’t afraid. Well, not very afraid. She did seem kind and gentle, and she called Danny, “My dear.”

Nicker and the Scary-Berries:

Nicker loves peanuts! He also loves picnics. One day the two boys go on a picnic, and being too curious, Nicker eats scary-berries from a bush. Danny tries very hard to calm Nicker, and in the end, Danny’s bedroom is a total wreck. Danny’s mother comes racing it at the noise to find the bed on the floor, the nightstand knocked over. It’s a real mess! And Nicker, being so shy, is now hiding. Danny is left to explain the disaster with, “Well, Mom … you see … uh … it was this way.”

Simon on Patrol:

Simon, who is Nicker’s dad, is the biggest, most fierce creature you can imagine. His job is to patrol the oceans for bad creatures. He’s very good at this job. His teeth can bite holes through mountains. His voice will make your chest rumble way down deep inside. He is afraid of absolutely nothing, because nothing can hurt him. No, that’s not quite correct. He’s afraid of one thing. Emily. Danny, though, was a little afraid of this creature. (I would be, too – wouldn’t you?)

Lake Edie:

Danny has a grandmother named Edie. She lives by a lake named after her. This is where Danny and Edie have a picnic. All around are geese and rabbits and squirrels and ducks, and peeking from some reeds in the water is a curious Nicker. A jealous goose chases Nicker across the lake – until Emily comes up out of the water and lets the goose know that chasing her son isn’t such a good idea.

Nicker at the Grocery Store:

Nicker tried hard to behave, but this day is just too curious. Danny told him about grocery stores, and Nicker wanted to see for himself, so …. There’s Danny in the store with his mother, and there’s Nicker scooting around behind the cans and boxes and bags to see what is going on. As he sniffs some delicious boxes of cake mix, Danny turns a corner, and Nicker – poor Nicker – is lost. Trying to find Danny, Nicker makes a mess in the bakery, and ends up hiding in a bin of cabbages. A shopper who doesn’t see very well squeezes his head to see if he is ripe. Poor Nicker! (How would YOU like to have your head squeezed to see if you are ripe?)

Gordie is Coming:

Danny’s real grandfather is coming to visit. As it happens, Nicker’s grandfather is also coming. If you can imagine a creature like Simon, try to imagine where Simon learned how to patrol. He learned from The Gordie. (Notice that while all sea dragons have only a first name, this was THE Gordie.) The boys were a little nervous but are soon laughing because The Gordie tells them silly stories about when Simon was just a boy – like the time when Simon got too snoopy and had a starfish stuck on his nose.


The world’s fastest creature is Arful. Simon has a terrible time trying to catch him until Danny comes up with a plan. They discover that Arful has banged his head against a large freighter ship while speed swimming. You know what it’s like when you forget something. Arful has forgotten everything. It’s up to Danny to help – and up to Simon to teach Arful how to be part of the Sea Patrol. Trouble is, Arful likes to go so fast that sometimes he goes before he listens.


“There is going to be a baby,” Nicker tells Danny. Her name is Glicker, and boy is she something! She and Danny get along right away, and soon he is teaching her how to talk and about manners.

Emily to the Rescue:

In the previous story, Emily has left Glicker with Danny. She heard a sound she rarely heard – Simon was calling for help. When she got there, she saw the problem. Once again, Arful moved faster than he listened. A large group of jellyfish were coming toward the shore, and Arful had them in a tangle. Now it’s up to Emily to straighten that mess. (Have you ever tried to untangle a ball of jellyfish?)

The Boys Go to School: Sooner or later, we all have to go to school, and for many of us it’s not fun. Danny is nervous, Nicker is afraid. They find out, however, that it’s really a grand new adventure. Each day they do their homework together and share stories. Now imagine this. Nicker’s school is deep under the water, and Danny’s is … well, it’s more like you know. Once again they have to learn how things are different, yet the same. And then, Danny gets a note in his lunchbox. It’s not from Mom or Dad, it’s from Nicker. It says, “Treshur,” and that means after school … what will they find?

Already in the works are new stories. The boys meet an octopus. There are the holidays. It turns out that Danny has a little sister named Caroline. Nicker who likes to hide so much makes a present for Danny’s Mom. The boys go to visit the artist in Michigan and see snow for the first time. Visit our website often, and especially visit Nicker’s Story Hour.

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