How To Submit Your Pet


        It’s easy! You have two choices – regular mail and email. You will probably need an adult to help, even if it’s only to read and understand all of this.

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Suite 105, #603
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FOR EMAIL (or simply click on this anywhere you see it in NICKER STORIES or in NICKER’S NEWSLETTER)

That’s up to you. It can be anything you want to share, such as colorings, drawings of photos. There are lots of coloring pages for you on YOUR PAGE, and usually some elsewhere in NICKER STORIES. You can make and color your own. We are always looking for photos to go in PETS!
Send the art or photos whichever way you prefer – regular mail or email.
Along with it we need at least a first name and a general location.
Then write up some kind of story to go with what you are sending. This is especially important if you send something for PETS.

Dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, tortoises, birds, fish … if it’s a pet, and you want to share it with others, here’s the place to do it. This includes those semi-wild creatures so many people care for – like squirrels, wild birds, turkeys, deer, etc. (If it’s totally wild, we probably don’t want it. We also don’t want “encyclopedia” photos. The photos have to be your own.) We prefer several photos instead of just one. Try to make the animal unique. Special. “Gracie is our dog,” isn’t really enough. We want to hear how Gracie likes to play in the snow or jump into mud puddles. Does Gracie have a favorite treat? Maybe Gracie chatters at the squirrels outside the window?

An adult needs to read this.
Sending to NICKER STORIES or NICKER’S NEWSLETTER gives us permission to use what is sent specially and only for NICKER STORIES and/or NICKER’S NEWSLETTER. We won’t use it in any other way. Ownership/copyright of what you created remains with who created it. You!
Some have asked how much we charge to publish your art/photos. We don’t and never will. This is about sharing, and we hope you enjoy it! Share with others and let them share with you.