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If you’re a fan of Nicker Stories, you’ve met Sable Ruth before. She lives with David in Nova Scotia. David is a terrific and very talented photographer. Sable Ruth loves to pose for him. She is 3.

Kyle’s own comments are perfect for this. “I’ve been getting this a lot from daisy as of late. I turn around and she is just standing or sitting there like she has to say something. So I look back her and say…’what?’ … and she just keeps staring at me, then huffs and turns around like she is saying, ‘Never mind if you don’t know.’ So I get a toy and play with her and she’s all better.”

Sarah is a sulcata, like Gordie, but female and younger – so she is about half his size. Sarah was a present for Matt in Mesa, Arizona. At that time she was just a baby. A hatchling, fresh out of her shell. It didn’t take long for Sarah to grow. Then she grew more – then more – then more again. She’s 60 pounds now, and is still growing. She doesn’t have a big yard, but Matt takes really good care of her and makes sure that Sarah has the best food. Her favorite is bok choy.

Gracie and Elena had a holiday recently visiting Brough Castle in the United Kingdom. Gracie ran her legs off around the ruins, and loved the nearby beaches. Her baby Zak didn’t get to come. He is off to his new home. Elana misses the pups but says, “Now I´ll be able to use my wastebaskets again. They are all up on chairs, along with anything else less than a foot off the floor. Zak and Jill were a two pup demolition squad! Jill´s favorite was shredding paper and Zak loved to play with TV cables and other wires.”

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