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Our friend Elanna from Great Britain wrote to say that the place known to many as Loch Ness has a more correct name. That name is Lough Neagh. (Neagh is pronounced nay.) Nicker Stories will be visiting this area again in the new issue to tell the story of two giants who have a battle.

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When Danny’s mother was a little girl, her father had a very special fireplace built. Just before Danny was born, his father took this fireplace apart, put labels on every stone, and moved it to the new house where Danny was a little boy. Through the years, Danny’s grandparents sent things to put on the […]

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December 21 is the Winter Solstice, which simply means that winter is now official. The Earth is now at its closest to the sun, but the norther part is tilted away from the sun. That makes the north cold and the south warm. For many that means snow and cold and ice and sleet and […]

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St. Nickerlaus

In a small town, in the Sonoran Desert, in Arizona, in the United States, up on a rooftop … is someone you might recognize.

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   I encourage you to visit this website, and specifically to follow this link:

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Nicker’s Snowsletter for December

If you are a subscriber to Nicker’s Snowsletter – I mean Nicker’s Newsletter – you already know about the craft for December. We made paper snowflakes, and what fun it was. You didn’t get your snowsletter (I mean newsletter)? Then you must not be a subscriber. It’s FREE and all you have to do is […]

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Paper Snow

The new issue of Nicker’s Newsletter is going out – but only to subscribers (it’s FREE). If you’re not a subscriber, you have missed our special Christmas issue. We have all sorts of fun, and even make paper snowflakes.

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Nicker’s Christmas

  MERRY CHRISTMAS! The December issue of Nicker Stories ( is up. It has the December calendar of odd holidays and celebrations, same as usual, plus all the other usual things. In Story Hour is a special treat.  A lot of people don’t really believe in sea dragons because no one has ever actually seen […]

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Nicker Claus?

   Up on the rooftop, click click click. Here he comes, Nick Nick Nick. Nicker, that is. Yup, he is back on the roof again this year, wearing his Santa hat. Watch Nicker News this month for more news, photos and even some video. Our hosts are the Feyereisen family of Queen Creek (where Nicker […]

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St. Nicker

The Feyereisen family of Queen Creek once again has Nicker up on the roof to celebrate Christmas. Stay tuned for more photos and even some video!

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