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Your challenge for December has several parts – several choices.
It’s getting to be winter. Many of you have snow, or will get snow. It can be fun to play in the snow. When the snow is just right, you can make things with it. Like natural Play-Snow. Many people make snowmen (like Frosty). If there is enough snow, you can make an entire Snow Family. Maybe that family has a snow cat and a snow dog. You can even make a snow sea dragon! Take pictures for Nicker! Then send to

Nicker Stories
18521 E. Queen Creek Rd.
Suite 105, #603
Queen Creek, AZ 85142

No snow? Get out some paper and draw a snow sculpture. Or just look through this page. There are plenty of drawings you can print and color.
Also with just some and scissors, you can make snowflakes. (December 27 is a special date for this, and the calendar has links you can use to learn how.)
Lunch With Nicker shows you how to make some special Christmas cookies that Nicker LOVES!
Then there is the whole idea of the holidays. Make drawings or take pictures – or both! – and share your holidays with all the rest of us.
Make Your Page YOUR Page!


Rowan is a talent artist in the second grade. He lives in Minnesota.

March brings Spring. It’s a great time to look around at the change of season. If there is still snow, or more comes, it will be gone soon. If the trees are still brown, watch as the leaves come out. Flowers will be coming out of the ground.  (Many believe that one reason we color eggs for Easter is because of all the colorful flowers that sprout in the Spring.) Birds return (or if you live where the birds go in winter, the birds leave). The squirrels get busy. So do the rabbits and all sorts of other critters.
Yes, you can still draw and color snowmen (or take pictures of snowmen in your yard). Send them to Nicker and Danny, same as always.
Or send us your drawings about your Easter. Share with the other readers what you and your family did for the holidays.
Don’t forget YOUR PETS.

Meanwhile, here are some of the snowman drawings you’ve already made and sent in. Did you subscribe to Nicker’s Newsletter yet?  These were shown there first. Click on Nicker as the mailman to subscribe. It’s FREE! Then you can be part of that fun, too!


Do you like to draw? How about coloring? If you do, this is a good place to come.
Marci has done a lot of drawings for you. Just click on the drawing you want. That will make it bigger. Now you can print and color it … and then, of course, send it to Nicker!
They are jumbled around. Most are from the stories in the Story Hour archive. Here’s a challenge for you. Can you figure out which drawing goes to which story?




Which one is your favorite character? Nicker? Glicker? Simon? Danny? Gordie? One of the others? Here are three you can print and color. (Can you tell who they are?)
To share with everyone else, send your colorings, drawings, letters or whatever to:

Nicker Stories
18521 E. Queen Creek Rd.
Suite 105, #603
Queen Creek, AZ 85142



What – you don’t have a kazoo to be part of our many celebrations? (We have a LOT of them around here!)

Well, don’t worry. You can make your own. It’s easy! All you need is a tube, like an empty cardboard tube from toilet paper or paper towels, a piece of wax paper or parchment paper, and a rubber band.

Cut – or even tear – a piece of the waxed paper a bit larger than the opening of the tube. Smooth it over the end, nice and tight, and wrap the rubber band to hold it in place. Make a small hole in the tube just beyond the rubber band.

DONE! Now you can hum into the open end of your kazoo.

Trim the paper. Decorate the tube. Most of all, have fun!

Remember, HUM into the tube, don’t blow. Be sure to visit Captain Kazoo ( on his website. You can also find much more of his wonderful silliness on youtube.


JOIN US HERE on Your Page each month. There will be new drawings and much more. This is YOUR Page, so send us things to be a part of it.

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