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A Revolutionary Boy: Chapter 2 – Where is Stephen?

Qixi – A Chinese Valentine’s Story

Gordie – Mischief in the Oasis

Shish-Kebab Father’s Day

A Sea Dragon (and Boy’s) Mother’s Day

Nicker’s Easter Orange

Go Fly a Kite!

A Captain Santa Kazoo Birthday

A Revolutionary Boy

A Birthday For Alice

April Showers Bring… What??

Easter 2014

World Folktales

The Giant’s Causeway

Dress Up Your Pet

A Captain Kazoo Christmas

Jenny’s Shrinking Turkey

Glicker’s Ghostly Halloween

Santa’s Comet

Tom’s Time Machine

Father’s Day 2013

Sidney’s Giant Acorn

Danny’s April Showers


Gordie’s Birthday

Dragon Appreciation Day

Glicker Meets Santa

Gordie and the Pilgrims

Stingy Jack

Nicker Visits the Ring of Fire

St. Patrick’s Day

Paul Bunyun – An American Tale

Tommy the Tommyknocker

Christmas Songs

To the Beat of a Drum

Danny and the Octopus

Repeet Gets Sick

Hot Dog


Shuttle Launch

May Bee


Steven’s Silly Sandwich

Treasure Hunt

Pasty Birthday

Paper Flowers

Herman Grows Up

Mikey Gets Puppied

Peanut Butter-Ball Turkey

Leaf It To Nicker

Danny Becomes A Seadragon

Gordie and the Skunk

Nicker Meets Gracie

Nicker Finds A Hat


Wiggle Your Toes!

Take Your Pants For A Walk

Glicker’s First Fourth

Gordie’s Fathers Day

National Repeat Day

Lucky Penny

Puppies In The Wood Pile

Draw A Bird

Walk In The Park

Toys From Nothing

A Fairy Tail

A Nickazoo Birthday Party


Return to Lake Edie

Happy New Year!

Nicker Helps Santa

Nicker Visits Marilou Marsh

Nicker’s Ami Tess

Outer Space In My Yard


Danny and Nicker Visit the Lake Elf

Nicker Learns About Cotton Candy

Sigmund the Squirrel

Popcorn Kittens

Toy From the Stars

Dr. McBushy

Peanut Birthday Party

Danny and Nicker Visit Michigan

Monsters of Terrance Peak

Cathy The Curious Cat

The Christmas Star

Gordie the Social Tortie

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